Open the newest UWS 

Go to file > settings


Write in your IP, in this case / if you are using USB or Serial connection just select that instead of TCP/IP.

Make sure controller is connected to the network. if useing usb / serial make sure the cable/wires are connected corretly.

On TCP/IP it works best if the controller stuck in boot is the only one on the network, other units can interfere with the flashing process.   

Press “write a firmware to the device“ button.
 select your controller in the list, in this case AGC 4, if you have any other controller just select that one instead. 

If you controller is capable of flashing over TCP/IP press yes.

Press OK if true. 


Select the controller application software. Can be found on our website. Power efficiency (

Press Yes 


Now it should start flashing. Wait for the flash to be complete, and you should be good to go.