After a USW update, you can have problems connecting to our AGC-4, AGC-4 Mk II or AGC-150 using USB.

You can see the emulated COM port, but when connecting, the following failure pops up in the USW.


 On the PC, in the Device Manager there is an exclamation mark in a yellow triangle next to the USB driver.


On the PC, this error description, is shown in the driver properties.


Here is the fix

On your PC, go to the Driver tab and select Update Driver.


In the window that opens, select Browse my computer for drivers.


In the next window, select Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer.


Select Have Disk.


Select Browse and navigate to the installation directory of your USW.


For AGC 150 and AGC-4 Mk II, select USB driver – ToriLogic_CGC_CVR_IOM_etc.

For AGC-4, select USB driver – Silicon Labs CP2102.


In the USB driver folder, select the folder that matches your operating system.





Select and open the deif_vcp.inf file.


Select OK.

The PC operating system installs the driver.



When the installation is finished, select Close.


In the Device Manager window, the exclamation mark should now be gone.


Unplug the USB cable, restart the USW and reconnect the USB.



Now you should be able to use the USW to connect to the controller without a problem.