AGI SW pack v. 4.5.x or newer (Creator, PC Runtime, Client) works with AGI 400s, AGI 400Ms and AGI 400 MHB with BSP version 1.3.x.

If you download an application from this version of AGI Creator to an AGI with BSP version 1.0.x you will get this error: “Install Runtime : Failed. – Device BSP version is not compatible with HMI runtime version. – Update device to BSP version 1.3 or higher and try again.”.

A screenshot of a computer error

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Solution 1 (Recommended): Upgrade the BSP of the AGI to version 1.3.x
Download Software for AGI 407/410 (1.3) BSP here (
Download Software for AGI 415/421 (1.3) BSP here (

Solution 2: Use the compatible version of AGI SW Pack
Download Software for AGI 300/400 SW Pack here (

Download AGI 400 SW Pack for BSP ver. 1.3 software here (

If you have a project made with AGI Creator v. 4.0.x or older, you can upgrade it by opening it with AGI Creator v. 4.5.x and afterwards download it to the AGI 400 with BSP v. 1.3.x.