Trying to make and print a Graphical report on PC runtime will trigger a pop-up saying printer is busy. 

There is however a workaround that consists of editing a couple of files:

Go to file "print.xml" which can be found in the config sub-folder of the AGI project folder.

Here you need to increase ramquota="16000000" in size. You can increase ramquota to 19999999, and check if the printing is now working. If it isn't you can increase the ramquota more, but this requires also modifying a second file located in the PC installation folder of the AGI Creator.

Name of this file is "target_limits.xml" which is found in a sub-folder of the AGI Creator directory on PC following path: languages>en-US>studio>config

Here you need to increase <Max_PrintRAMQuota>20000000</Max_PrintRAMQuota>, of course the value must be higher than the ramquota value set.

 N.B. Make sure the modifies are done when application and AGI Creator are closed