Go to Settings < User 

Here you can see all user's on your account. or you can go to the other menu at the top, to see your groups/roles/ SMS profiles 

To add anything new, Press the 3 dots in the top right corner. 

Press what you want to add 

Add user: 

if you want the user to be able to see all equipment, just leave group and equipment blank 

Press send Invite when all data have been filed out.

They will get an invitation email on the email address writing in the user details. Can take a couple of minutes.
If you can't find it, take a look in the spam folder. 

Add team:    

Just fill out the data: 

Add role: 

Fill out name/description 

Here you can select exactly what you want the roles to be able to do, if you think a role is missing from the standard roles made by DEIF.

Press save when you are done.     

Add SMS profile:

Here you can choose what the SMS message should contain, when it gets sent by insight. 

Press save when done 


If you think something needs fixing leave feedback here: 

Feedback for insight setup (office.com)