If you can't find the right screen for your XDI, it could be it was ordered with the wrong Library's. To upload new library's follow these steps: 

from XDi-Standard virtual indicator library page 12 


you can find the upgrade tool here:


XDi library upgrade
XDi is equipped with a USB service port that allows easy library and software upgrade from a PC or laptop. Just download the XDi upgrade tool and follow the instructions.
Using the upgrade tool, you can easily change the functions of an XDi, by simply uploading a new library.

Library documentation
The full content of each standard library is documented in a separate PDF report that will automatically be updated every time a new XDi library is released.
In this document you will find: description of available Product Profiles (PP), picture and description of all Virtual Indicators (VI) and their respective setup profiles (VS). 

The PDF report for each library, and the library itself, can be downloaded from the FTP server:

FTP works as standard in Microsoft Internet Explorer. It's not supported in Microsoft Edge, Firefox or chrome any more.

It's also possible to use free programs as FileZilla to use FTP. 

Server: ftp://support.deif.com 

Login name: deif_xdi 

Password: rFCy1CMM 


If you want a custom library with company name/logo, please write to DEIF support. 

Upgrade or change library in your XDi 

On the FTP server you will also be able to download all the standard XDi library packages, so you can quite easily change the function of your XDi indicator to function in another application then what it was purchased for. 

In the top model, XDi-Nav, you can install either a Dual, Multi or Navigation library. 

In the XDi-Multi you can install a Dual or a Multi library. 

Where the XDi-Dual only accepts a dual type library.   

The libraries are located in: 

"standard XDi lib for upload"

"choose what size of XDI you have"

"choose what version of XDi you have"

"download the library you want"

how use the upgrade tool to upload the new library