For a quick video showing how to add DAU unit, it's a Fx30 in the video, but just choose an ex703 instead, then follow the same steps:

For a quick video showing how to add existing devices: 

  • First, let’s get all wires connected correctly. 

For the power connector, just follow the diagram printed on the unit, just left for the power plug. When looking straight into the power plug you will have + to the left, and – in the middle and protective ground to the right. 

Now you need 2 Ethernet cables, the cable in Eth1 goes to your controller, or the switch connecting the controllers. 

The cable in Eth0 needs to go to the internet. Make sure your firewalls and IT policies are allowing the Ex703 to communicate with both the internet and the controllers.  

  • The easiest way to set the rest up from here, is to connect the Eth1 to a switch and connect your PC to that switch together with the controllers. That allows us to do all the possible debugging we could need. 

Open your favourite browser and go to:

From here, you should get a pop-up asking for a username and password. As standard, this will be admin / admin

When you get logged in, go to the network tab>Network interfaces. And change your IP to what you need it to be. Press the edit button to change and save when done. As all other equipment if the controller you want to read from uses an IP like, your Ex703 needs to be in the 192.168.10.XXX range, and you cannot have 2 pieces of equipment with the same IP. Remember to only change the IP for Eth1. Eth0 will from standard be using DHCP, so it will assign itself an IP. 

When you save the new IP, the Ex703 will restart its network, and you will have to log in to the unit with its new IP. https://your-IP-here/machine_config

  • Next step will be to check your DNS server settings. 

Just below the Network Interfaces, you will see a menu called DNS, here you will see addresses already added, but they are not necessarily the ones you need to use. 

The easiest way to find the DNS servers, are to connect your pc to the site’s internet. Open “command prompt” on the PC and write “ipconfig /all” and press enter. Look for this part in your Ethernet or wireless:

Yours will probably not be the same as shown here. But edit your DNS servers on the Ex703 to the ones you can see in command prompt. 

Hint: there is a big chance you will see some like this also do not use them:  


As a quick way to test the connection, you can use as the only DNS server, if possible do not use this permanently as it's adding a point of failure more than using your ISP's DNS, as you are routing your data though google. 

  • Now we need to make sure the time is set correctly.

Go to Date & Time on the left side, in here make sure “Current timezone” is Universal, set the current date. And modify the local time to run UTC:   

  • Next thing is to test if the Ex703 has a stable internet connection. 

Go to the tab called Service and enable the feature called SSH Server. 

Open “Windows PowerShell” on your PC. 

You will have different versions of PowerShell, open the one just called “Windows PowerShell”  write “ssh admin@your-IP-here” Of cause change your-IP-here to the IP on the Ex703. 

If you can connect to the controller it will ask for a password. Write your password (admin as standard) power Shell will not show you writing anything for the password, but just press enter when you typed it. 

If you write the correct password it should look like this: 



From here you can ping out to see if you are connected to the internet and controllers.
 A good place to start is “ping” if it returns with something like this: 

That’s a good indication you have internet.

 If it returns with something like this: 

Something is wrong with the connection. (Check wires/ firewall settings/ other network rules) DEIF can not help you setting up your routers/switches, you will need to do this yourself. 

(To turn pinging off again, press ctrl+z)

When you can ping, you can try pinging something like or another normal website. 

If your DNS settings are wrong, you could see something special here. 

If the time reported by PowerShell is fine, but the time between the pings is weirdly long (a lot more than 1 sec), You could have a DNS problem. If that is the case, take another look at your DNS settings, and try again. 

  • When you are happy with pinging the internet, try pinging a controller. 

Here it gets a lot easier if Eth0 are connected to a switch, with controllers and PC connected to that switch.  Ping your-controller-IP-here, if you don’t get a connection, try looking at your wires/ IP on the controller. 

  • Now we need to start the insight program in the Ex703

Go to your browser and write: your-IP-here. This time it’s only the IP of the Ex703, nothing else. 

Here you should get a prompt for a username and password (admin/admin) when logged in you should see this page: 

press the right arrow, then you should get this page: 

Press the download configuration button. After some time (5-10 sec) you will get logged out from the webpage, as the Ex703 are restarting. Now the insight program is running in the Ex703. If the Ex703 does not restart, try to power cycle the unit and try again.

Log on to the above site again, and just keep it there for now. 

Setup your units on insight

Open a new tab, go to insight ( and log on to your page. 

From here, go to Settings > equipment, then press the 3 dots in the top right corner > add equipment.  Select whatever is closes to your unit type.
 You should now see a page called Select Equipment Type: 

From here you can set different searchable data.
 Equipment: Is the main name of the unit/site, is also the name the unit will have on the equipment page

Metadata: Here you can write extra data, it’s not something you can directly see. But it's data you can use when searching. 

Now we can choose if you want to add a new device/ or link an existing device to this equipment. Here we will add a new equipment, so press that button.
From here we can choose if we want to add a controller, or a FX30 / Ex703
Start with the Ex703, so go to “New devices” fill out all the text boxes, and paste in the Serial NO. you can find this pasted on the unit or here: https://Your-IP-here/machine_config/#/system
 when all data is as you like it. Scroll to the button and press save 

Remember to press save every time you change something. If you don’t press save, you can lose all new changes.     

Now press “add new equipment” again, here you can choose a predefined controller, or start with a blank slate, in this case I will choose a premade AGC-4 controller, as that already have 30 of the most used Modbus address added. Choose how many controllers you want, and press save.

Now press on the pencil to the right of the controller you just added. From here you can change name, IP, Modbus addresses and write a small description. The page also needs a Version number, just write whatever number you see fit.  
This IP is the IP of the controller you want data from. Change that so it fits.
Unless you know port 502 will not work, just leave it. Leave Device ID as is, only change this if you are using Serial connection. Read timeout is fine as long it's under 10.

If you want other Modbus addresses, you can add NEW from under the address list. You can find all our Modbus addresses on our website, ( just search for the unit you have, go to documentation, and Communication. Here you can find the Modbus table for most controllers. Press save until you get back to the page called “select Equipment” 

When you are happy with the controllers added, open the Ex703 browser page (Message ID) so it's visible for you, and press the “Save and Send Configuration” button on insight.
 This will send the setting to the Ex703, you should see a long string of numbers in the Message ID textbox, afterwards the unit will restart again. 

If this does not happen, try writing something manually in the textbox again then press save, and send the settings from insight once again. Sometimes this takes some tries the first time you set up a unit. 


Setting up a dashboard

  • Open your favourite browser and go to the insight page ( and log on to your page. 


  • Go to Equipment, if your dashboard is blank you will get a pop-up, just press Start designing. If you already have something on the dashboard, press the 3 dots in the top right corner, “edit dashboard”. 

From this page you can move around in your widgets, add new, and edit the ones you have. 


  • Press add new widget, choose what you want to add, Value/gauge/graph, or any of the others. Choose the one you want, press edit first. Start filling out the text boxes, Device is the controller you want to read from, choose "Time Period", if you want to see the newest value, choose “Current Total” the TAG is the value you want to read. Choose what TAG you want to see, and press save. 

Remember to press save every time you change something. If you don’t press save, you can lose all new changes.       

  • Now add all the widgets you want, you can also add more tabs to make the overview nicer.


  • Press save when you are done and enjoy your new Dashboard.                

If you think something needs fixing leave feedback here: 

Feedback for insight setup (