For quick video showing how to add Fx30:

For quick video showing how to add existing devices: 

The first part to get the FX30 to work is to get all the physical wires and Sim card attached correctly. 


  • The antenna’s need to be connected with the orange wire in the lowest plug, it’s the one called CELL on the housing. And the blue goes to the plug called GNSS on the housing.

The blue wire is used for the GPS tracking and the orange is your cellular connection. 

  • The SIM card slot are just beside the blue wire, behind a protective cover. Remove this cover to insert the SIM card into the FX30. The sim are inserted as shown on the picture, with the notch in the right corner, and connection pad facing up. insert the Sim until you hear a click, and the sim stays in place.

The Simcard need so be a standard size, called miniSIM. 

  • The power connecter for the FX30, needs to be connected as the picture above. The black wire going to negative, the yellow and red wire going the positive.     

Wire colour





Main power supply for device.

Fuse: Slow-blow 3A 250V



Main device ground



Control line to turn the gateway on or off. Pin 3 must be connected to the input power source or to an on/off switch 


  • Plug in the powerwire to 24V DC and the other end in the FX30, and you should see the unit turn on. 
  • Before going to the insight page, find a USB cable with microUSB in one end, and whatever your PC can use in the other. Plug in the USB wire into the USB plug in the DAU unit. 
  • Open your favorite browser on your PC, and go to (The IP on your PC should not matter as we are connecting over USB)   
  • Here you should see a page like this:

  From here you need to write down IMEI and Serial No. (you can also see these printed on the back of the FX30)

  • While we are connected to the fx30, press the “ethernet configuration” page, and write in what IP you want your FX30 unit to have. (if you have a controller called the FX30 needs to be called something in the range 192.168.10.XXX but not, as you cannot have 2 units with the same IP in a network).
  • Unless you know the gateway needs to be something else, have it in the same range as your controller. So if your controller is called change the gateway to if the controller has, your gateway should be   

OBS: the IP in Ethernet Settings, can not be in the range of 192.168.2.XXX, as this has been reserved by the UBS connection. If your controllers are in that range, they will have to be changed. 

After you wrote the IP press save, and power cycle the unit.  

  • After the power cycle go to the tab called SIM configuration, inhere we need to set the APN for the SIM card. If you are in doubt, contact your SIM card provider, this is information they will know. 

Most times it’s possible to google what APN a specific carrier uses, so if needed google “company APN Setting country” and ofc change company for what company’s SIM you are using, and country with the country the unit are in. 

After changing the APN, Power cycle the unit again.  

  • If your setting are correct, your FX30 should have a green or yellow lamp2, and a red lamp1. Like this: 


  • Open your favorite browser and go the insight page ( )  and log on to your page. 


  • From here go to Settings > equipment, then press the 3 dots in the top right corner > add equipment.  Select what is matching to your unit type. 
  • You should now see a page called Select Equipment Type / add Equipment: 

From here you can set different searchable data.
Equipment: Is the main name of the unit/site, is also the name the unit will have on the equipment page

Meta Data: Here you can write extra data, it's not something you can directly see. But it's data you can use when searching.


  • Now we can choose if you want to add a new device/ or link a existing device to this equipment. Here we will add a new equipment, so press Add new device button.
    From here you can choose if we want to add a controller, or a FX30 / Ex703
    Start with the FX30, so go to “New devices” choose FX30 with Select device:
  •  Fill out all the text boxes, choose what version of FX30 you have, and paste in the IMEI and Serial NO. from earlier in this guide.
  • In here is also where you can choose if you want geo location on/off and how often you want the GPS to update.
     When all data is as you like it, Scroll to the button and press save 

Remember to press save every time you change something. If you don’t press save, you can lose all new changes.     

  • Now you should be back at this page scroll down to devices, press “add new device” again, here you can choose a predefined controller, or start with a blank slate, in this case I will choose a premade AGC-4 controller, as that already have 30 of the most used Modbus address added. Choose how many controllers you want to add, add more by pressing the + and press save in the button of the page.

  • You should be back at the "Select equipment type" page,  
    Now press on the pencil to the right of the controller you just added. From here you can change name, IP, Modbus addresses and write a small description.
    The page also needs a version, the number is not important for insight, it's just for you to keep track if you ever update the data on the page. This IP is the IP of the controller you want data from. So change that so it fits.
    Unless you know port 502 will not work, just leave it as is.
    Leave Device ID as is, only change this if you are using Serial connection.
    Read timeout is fine as long it's below10.
  • If you want to add more Modbus addresses, you can add NEW from under the address list.
  • You can find all our Modbus addresses on our website, ( just search for the unit you have, go to documentation, then Communication. Here you can find the Modbus table for most controllers. Press save until you get back to the page called “select Equipment”

Remember to press save every time you change something. If you don’t press save you can loose all new changes.    

  • When you are happy with the controllers added press the “Save and Send Configuration” button. This will send the setting to the FX30, you will see the light turn off and on again. You can see the new setup by going into Unit Status on the FX30, here you should be able to see the controller you added on insight, like this : 


  • Connect a Ethernet cable from the FX30 to the controller, use a switch if necessary.  

Setting up a dashboard

  • Open your favorite browser and go the insight page ( )  and log on to your page. 


  • Go to Equipment, if your dashboard is blank you will get a popup, just press Start designing. If you already have something on the dashboard press the 3 dots in top right corner, “edit dashboard”. 

From this page you can move around in your widgets, add new, and edit the ones you have. 


  • Press add new widget choose what you want to add, Value/gauge/graph, or any of the others. Choose the one you want, press edit first. Start filling out the text boxes, Device is the controller you want to read from, choose Time Period, if you want to see the newest value, choose “Current Total” the TAG is the value you want to read. Choose what TAG you want to see, and press save. 

Remember to press save every time you change something. If you don’t press save you can loose all new changes.       

  • Now add all the widgets you want, you can also add more Tabs to make the overview nicer.


  • Press save when you are done. And enjoy your new Dashboard.           

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