This should work on most windows versions, but it was made using a windows 10 PC.

Press Start and go to Settings 

Go to network and Internet 

Go to Change adapter options 

Right click on the Ethernet adapter you are plugging your LAN cable into, (if you are unsure about what port is in use, try making a connection between the PC and controller and see if one changes)

In this case its Ethernet 2 

Right click on the port you are using, and press "properties"

Find the connection called internet Protocol Version 4, and DoubleClick on it 

press "use the following IP address" 

Your IP address should be the same as the controller you are connection to except the last digits. 

In this case i'm trying to connect to a controller called 

This means I need my PC to have an IP called 192.168.10.XXX, the last digits can be between 2-254
but 2 units can not have the same IP.    

You should now be able to use TCP/IP to connect to your controller.